Your Marketing Best Friend

Hi, I'm Vanessa, your Facebook Ads Guru and Business Coach.  Let's get you some clarity and clients together; send me your best email to schedule a time to talk.

Hello, I’m Vanessa Theiss.  My clients call me their Marketing Bestie.  I'm here to help you get clear on your offerings and teach you simple tactics to get clients booking meetings in your calendar on a consistent basis.  

After two years of buying course after course, and working with thousands of entrepreneurs, I understand what it  takes to be a successful business owner: clarity, courage and Facebook.

All of my Facebook Advertising and SEO services are done for you.  Because this stuff is really complicated and if you want real results you must delegate these tasks to an expert.

If you are tired of running around in circles with your marketing and are ready to start getting client meetings in your calendar every single month, let's schedule a time to chat.