6 simple and easy marketing tools to kick start your online business

Launching an online consulting business does not have to be difficult and there a handful of tools that you can use that will make the entire process easier. These are the basic tools that most online entrepreneurs will use, most of which are free, to start building their brand and attracting clients ASAP.

I recommend budgeting for purchasing these tools before investing in a business coach or group program. Otherwise you will have a really hard time implementing anything they teach you. I see a lot of people not following through because of the additional costs that comes with buying the technology they need to make their business run. Don’t make this mistake.

On a side note, even if you do end up using a virtual assistant or designer to set  up your website and sales funnels for you; it helps to become familiar  and play around with these systems, as you will be in a better position to tell you staff exactly what you want so they can better bring your vision to life. It also helps during the interview process so you know the right questions to ask when hiring your staff.

 1. Get a second brain with Evernote

FREE: I love Evernote for keeping information, ideas, and resource organized. I call it my second brain. It allows you to save websites that you find interesting from any computer. It is a favorites list that travels with you. You can also use it to jot down ideas that come to you. I use this a lot for filing away possible blog topics, so if I am ever in need of inspiration I can always look through it. The tools allows you to file ideas, notes and website away in folders for easy access later. You can also search for key words to help you find any files that you may have saved in the past.


2. Design your own logo with PicMonkey & Canva

FREE: I cheated these are two tools that allow for you to create awesome designs for you new brand. In PicMonkey you can edit photos, create your own logo and design social media assets such as a Facebook header image. Canva is also free and great for creating guides, presentations and social media assets such as Facebook ads, header images for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


3. Start building your fan list with Leadpages

PAID: If you are online entrepreneur there is no easier tool to use than LeadPages for designing sales and opt-in pages for your business.  You will pay at least $297 for the tool yearly, but it will allow for you to get an online presence fast. Start by creating a free offer, which you can deliver through LeadPages to your ideal clients in exchange for their emails.  This will help you start building your email list. You can also create a sales page for your first offer and receive payment. 


 4. Meet Your Free Email Marketing Friend

FREE: If you are starting out in your business, and your list is not big, you are best off using MailChimp as an email marketing service. You will need to connect this to your website to create emails lists and setting up email marketing campaigns. It easily integrates with WordPress and Leadpages.

 5. Create Your Fast and Furious Website

PAID: I spend a lot of time looking through WordPress templates and I highly recommend getting a paid one. First, it is easier to set up because it comes with instructions. WordPress also allows you to do more with the website such as SEO and membership sites. I like OptmizePress templates (one time fee of $99) and you get a whole bunch of templates. However, there is a big learning curve with OptimizePress. My website vanessatheiss.com is built from an OptimizePress theme.

I also like templates from StudioPress.com (they are typically $99 each and it comes with the Genesis framework- good for security).

If you are into a more feminine look for your website, check this site out: www.bluchic.com. The templates are about $79 (a onetime fee), and if you are not tech savvy they have a service where they will set it all up for you for $69. After that you just have to change the content and pictures for your own.

6. Get free stuff from Creative Market 

FREE:  you sign up for this website they will send you free graphics on a weekly basis. You can also purchase extra graphics for a small fee. So far, I have only downloaded the free stuff, such as new fonts, geographical shapes, free WordPress themes etc… Below is a graphic that I got from them today.  You can also browse through it to find a WordPress theme that you like. I bought a cheap one for $11 on sale. 

Depending on how much you like the techie side of things, spend some time getting to know these tools. Otherwise, do a little look around and consider hiring a professional to do it for you.

Also, these tools are for beginner entrepreneurs who want to start off without investing a lot. If you have a large budget, then there are more sophisticated systems that you can invest in for your business, such as Ontraport for email marketing and designers who will create a custom-made website and logos.

Do you have more questions about starting your own online business? Connect with Vanessa on VanessaTheiss.com or email her on vtheiss@gmail.com





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